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Anthony van Dyck, a true genius at portraiture, revealed the aspirations of his sitters. He often flatteringly elongated his subjects and portrayed them sharply from below to enhance their stature. With elaborate settings, symbolic accessories, and suggestions of movement, Van Dyck made his sitters seem at once grand and alive, inaugurating a style of formal portraiture that is still emulated today.
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(both: van dik) , 1599-1641, Flemish portrait and religious painter and etcher, b. Antwerp. In 1618 he was received as a master in the artists' guild, but even before this he produced independent paintings in his studio. For a few years he was the skilled assistant and close collaborator of Rubens . In 1620 he was summoned to England by James I, whose portrait (now lost) he painted.
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Charles I of England c. 1635 Oil on canvas 266 x 207 cm (104 3/4 x 81 1/2 in.) Musee du Louvre, Paris
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